Key Changes to the Maths GCSE

The first assessment of the new maths GCSE will be in the summer of 2017.

Examinations dates:25th May 2017, 8th June 2017 and 13th June 2017.

The grades of A* to G will no longer be given for GCSE maths and have been replaced by a scale of 9-1 to identify levels of performance (with 9 being the highest).

The Foundation Tier Maths course historically covered grades C to G, this has now been replaced with grade 1 to 5.

The benchmark pass was considered a grade C at GCSE, this is now a grade 4.

The Higher Tier Maths course covers grades 4-9.

The new assessments are 4.5 hours for both foundation and higher tier.

There will be 3 exam papers for both foundation and higher tier (including one non-calculator paper).

More questions will be less structured, open ended and based around real world situations.